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You can buy more than one hands on. Just leave it empty if you dont want it anyone.
HO 1 : Sinus Floor Elevation Technique (only for Resident/Sp.Perio and Resident/ Sp.BM)HO 2 : Management of Socket Bleeding post ExtractionHO 3 : Hands on by John Gunawan Lusari about LASERHO 4 : Extraction with PiezosurgeryHO 5 : Aesthetic Splinting: Tips and TricksHO 6 : Hands on by Benjamin Tan (only for resident & specialist of Periodonsia)HO 7 : Fundamental of Suturing for Daily Practice Dr.drg. Dahlia Herawati, SU, SpPerio(K)HO 8 : Effective Way to Manage Gingival Inflamation Post SurgeryHO 9 : Clinical Laboratory Examination in Daily Practice

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